Clothing History - Invention of the Clothing

Clothing changed through history under the influences of cultures, fashion and wealth. From crude, simple and not too attractive pieces of clothing which only purpose was to protect from weather conditions until today we have a wide spectrum of different clothing items.

Woolen Clothing

Timeline of Clothing and Textiles

To be able to adapt to different climates human race needed clothing. From the prehistory, we used materials that we could found in nature to make clothes for ourselves. With time technology of making of clothes progressed.

Prehistoric Fiber

Prehistoric Clothing

From the earliest time human race had a need to protect from natural elements like heat, cold and rain. Neanderthals were the first who used clothes although their clothes were very primitive. Cro-Magnon men used much sophisticated technology to make their clothes.

Ancient Clothing

Ancient Clothing History

With rise of technology and human mastery in manufacturing of textiles, clothing becomes more sophisticated than simple sewn leather parts. It becomes more practical and esthetically pleasing and it changed with culture and fashion sense. Ancient time was a first period where such clothing appeared.

Ancient Egyptian Clothing

Clothing in Ancient Egypt

Fashion of Ancient Egyptian was simple but practical for the climate in which Egyptians had to live. It was also strictly divided by quality and esthetic value between higher and lower classes.

Ancient Greek Himation

Clothing in Ancient Greece

Clothing in Ancient Greece didn’t change much during time. No clothes have survived from this period butt there are descriptions and artistic depiction of how it looked like. Although we thing that most of the clothing in Ancient Greece was white, they were of elaborate design and of bright colors.

Ancient Rome Pompeii Clothes For Drying

Clothing in Ancient Rome

Clothes of ancient Romans were not too diverse but were very strictly regulated in terms who can wear what. They also marked class to which the wearer belonged. Only near the end of the Roman Empire clothes start to change toward the extravagant.

Ancient Cloak


Cloak is one of the oldest parts of clothing. There is evidence that they were used in prehistory when they were made in very simple forms. Their main use was for protection against natural elements but in time they become fashion statements.

Ancient Chiton


Chiton is a simple type of clothing from Ancient Greece. It was made from one (maximum two) piece of fabric, some sewing and a girdle. It was a clothing for both men and women but who wore which length changed through time.

Byzantine Dress

Byzantine Dress

Clothing in Byzantine Empire was made with an idea that the whole body should be covered because of the Christian view on the sin. Byzantine dress is much more elaborate than Roman or any before that

Loincloth Aztec


Loincloth is one of the simplest pieces of clothing and one of the oldest. It appeared in about the same time in many cultures and in some is still used. You can find more about loincloths here.



Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han-Chinese people. It appeared 3000 years ago and has very long history. It has laso significantly shaped the styles of traditional costumes of many other Asian countries.

Clothing in 1530s�1540s